Thank you for taking five minutes of your day to nominate a Carlisle Support Services employee for a Superstar Award. Recognition is integral to the way we do things at Carlisle, and we want to ensure as many of our people are recognised as possible for delivering our core values:

Caring Passionately For All   

Sylvia Carrol and Jay Butler, Merseryrail 

While attending Maghull Station for a routine visit, Jay and Sylvia were presented with a man on the floor, being given CPR. Both helped to control the situation and the crowd of people in the vicinity. They were calm throughout and helped as the man was given a shock back to life. The man was conscious and taken to hospital where he received additional treatment.

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Sector-Based Experts

Promise-Based Culture

Customers at the Heart

Care passionately for all

Please note that the nomination period runs on a quarterly basis.  

Remember to include as much information about your nominee as possible (this can include customer testimonials. endorsements from colleagues, etc).  Supporting photos can also be emailed directly to

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Customer at the Heart

Ciprian Rusu, West Midlands Trains

Ciprian was praised for his consistent approach to working on this contract. From the very beginning, he has stood out among others for his dedication, professionalism and constant hard work ethic. It is great to see how he has developed within Carlisle and continues to apply the same enthusiasm and dedication to the tasks at hand. He is very humble, polite and deserving of this recognition.

Promise-Based Culture

Malcolm O'Keefe, Peel Ports

Mac only joined the team at Peel Ports in September, however, in this short period of time he has made such an impact that the client, Dave Galt stated that he is the best Contract Manager they have had in the life of the contract. His efforts will result in the port security becoming more effective than ever before.

Sector-Based Expert 

Nicole Baker, Marketing 

Since joining Carlisle the way in which Nicole has shown her value as a true ‘Sector Based Expert’ for her marketing flair and skills has in no small way meant our brand looks fantastic in every way it is portrayed.Whether it be In-Touch, Social Media or just supporting the bid team her work is vital to the day to day business operations of Carlisle.

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